The brand new model from Ventum-Marine is unique in all its manifestations.
Ventum 850 combines: performance, design and durability.

The modern aggressive design and ergonomics of this boat allow you to get the most control pleasure even on the most extreme trips. The reinforced case made of AMG-5M alloy is practically not susceptible to severe shocks, is not fastidious in use, storage and, with all these qualities, is ready for operation at very high speeds.

Ventum 850 in all weather conditions maintains its highest speed characteristics and softness, able to withstand significant loads. This model is intended forany water area, copes with any weather conditions, approaches to the shore and mooring. Lightweight, but very durable construction of the model offers the possibility of installing two outboard motors with a total capacity of up to 900 hp

This allows you to develop a record speed on water for boats in this class up to 130 km. A strong and certainly important quality of the model is its excellent visibility and amazing functionality. The highest ergonomics and practicality in every detail of the boat and, of course, the unprecedented design of the Ventum 850 model for the Russian shipbuilding market, are surprising in the presence of elements that are unique to luxury ships. The transparent rear wall of the cabin is complemented by a sliding door; an open aft deck with a comfortable bathing platform and a built-in gangway - they tell us about belonging to the segment of the highest class vessels. The Ventum 850 can rightly be called a small motor yacht, which is ideal for relaxing a large company, family, comfortable long-term stay and an unforgettable experience of relaxing on the water. At the same time, you just have to put pressure on the gas and a small yacht turns into a real racing car, leaving far behind those who thoughtlessly decide to challenge him.

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