The VENTUM 750 boat is a combination of smart engineering, modern design, comfort and versatility.
The VENTUM 750 boat has a cabin and like the entire VENTUM line is suitable for long passages and travels. The cabin allows to spend the night in a boat without worrying about finding an overnight stay, and significantly increases the time spent on board.

This boat, as well as all VENTUM boats, will definitely stand out parked in any marina. This happens for several reasons: on the one hand, because of emphasis on modern style and fashion, but mostly thank to design features - coloring, modern forms and recognizable silhouette of the boat.

A special detail of the outer part of the hull is the construction of the fender bar of the maximum protecting side and the nose of the boat – you can forget what fenders are. Due to the greater thickness, the construction of the fender bar protrudes slightly beyond the boards of the hull and serves as a splash board. Which is also unique for boats of this class.

The stern of the boat is divided into two spacious areas: a bathing platform and an aft cockpit. The bathing platform consists of two large crinolines that can be used not only for easy access to the motor, but also during fishing or outdoor activities. The cockpit is quite capacious as well.

For your convenience, special lockers are placed along each side, they serve as steps to the trampling. The tramps on each side are quite wide and comfortable to move. Above the cabin you can place a targa for 8-10 spinning rods, with glider reels for trolling. The concept of the boat is perfect for this style of fishing.

Panoramic glazing of the cabin is made of tempered glass by the gluing method using automotive technology. That provides the maximum observability and illumination of a cabin.

The design of the deck-house allows you to place additional heavy loads on the roof. For example, a small boat, or other bulky items needful during the expedition.

The control of the boat is as easy and comfortable as possible: the control console contains all the main devices that record the most important indicators of engine performance, fuel level, etc. Toggle switches for lighting systems, wipers, dewatering pumps and so on are placed conveniently and practically.

The boat has high directional stability and comfortable rolls in the corner. It's very maneuverable, it dampens the wave well and is quite stable in static mode. Altogether it makes the Ventum 750 particularly attractive during expeditions in harsh conditions or for fishing in open waters.

Standard equipment:
Optional equipment:
Top quality marine aluminum casing (AL Mg5M)
Longitudinally transverse set - 4mm. (AL Mg5M)
Mooring ducks -6 pcs. (AL Mg5M)
The bottom sheet - 5 mm. (AL Mg5M)
Rail guard -32 mm.
Sofas, table and chairs in the wheelhouse
Keel 10 mm. (AL Mg5M)
Mooring ducks -6 pcs. (AL Mg5M)
Soft berth in the bow cabin
Transom height - 510 mm. (AL Mg5M)
Fuel gauge
LED cabin and cabin lighting
Steering wheel with Ventum logo
Glove box in the passenger console
Fuel gauge
Socket -12 V.
Control panel for marine electrical equipment
Fuse box
Mass shut off key
Running lights
Bilge electric pump
Battery Mount
Fuel tank 250 l.
Custom RAL color
Change the color of the stickers
The choice of interior colors and furniture
Awning running
Decorative overlays for the console, steering wheel, etc. logos
Nose gangway
Additional transom under a small motor up to 15 hp
Feed ladder
Hydraulic control kit up to 300 hp
Add. stern deck lighting
Add. nasal deck lighting
Mortise nose lights
Sliding vents in the side glazing of the cabin
Spotlight Finder
Diode running lights
Interceptors (with the ability to connect automation) Automation for interceptors
Transom plates
Sounder area
Installation of chartplotter echo sounder
Audio training: wiring, preparation for installation of equipment
Increase in a fuel tank to 300 l.
Music: Waterproof box for marine audio equipment - 1 pc., Marine speakers - 4 pc., Active antenna - 1 pc., Radio - 1 pc.
Installation of glasses of spinning holders (with adjustment)
Spinning holders on board
Platforms for downrigger (mechanical)
Platforms for downrigger with wiring for electrics Sound signal (built-in)
Sound signal (built-in)
Electric one-tone horn
Windshield wipers
Cockpit table + additional base
Extra soft seat with locker
Marine Webasto cabin heater with installation
Rack with adjustment of height with a sled
A rack with adjustment of height and the shock-absorber (with a sled)
Fuel filter separator
Additional pipe constructions - 25, 30 mm
Re-equipment of the boat with an anchor
Motor installation
Installation of the galley block
Radar installation
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